TAKAGI Toshihisa

高木 利久たかぎ としひさ
TAKAGI Toshihisa

TAKAGI Toshihisa
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (UG), Department of Biological Sciences (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room 407, Faculty of Science Bldg.3
TEL +81-3-5841-8350 | 28350(ext.)

Research Field


Research Subject

Development of Information Technology for Life Science, particularly in the areas of Text-mining and Database

Current Research

To understand life as a system, we are working to integrate and analyze various biomedical data and knowledge. Specific problems are, for example, how to search for knowledge and experimental facts written in research papers and textbooks, and how to organize them so that they can be handled on computers. We are developing softwares for the above purposes and frameworks to store, express, and compute the complicated knowledge on computers.


Text-mining, Database, Information Retrieval, Ontology, Knowledge Representation