茂山 俊和しげやま としかず

Title Professor
Affiliation Research Center for the Early Universe, Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU), Graduate School of Science
Room 1623, Faculty of Science Bldg.4, 6F
TEL +81-3-5841-4689 | 24689(ext.)

Research Field

Supernova explosion, Chemical evolution of galaxies, Radiation hydrodynamics

Research Subject

Acceleration of particles associated with supernova explosions, Search for progenitors of thermonuclear supernovae, Effects of magnetic fields on the propagation of laminar nuclear flames in white dwarfs, and Roles of supernovae in the early phase of galaxy evolution.

Current Research

Theoretical research on radiation-hydrodynamical phenomena relevant to supernova explosions and their aftermaths. 0) The origin of chemical elements including both of light and heavy elements. 1) Interactions between the circumstellar gas and the outermost stellar envelope accelerated by supernova explosion. Production of light elements synthesized by resultant spallation reactions. 2) Searching the remaining progenitor stars in young type Ia supernova remnants. Investigating the cause of the observed diversity of type Ia supernovae. 3) Internal structure of collisionless shocks. 4) Finding analytic solutions to describe explosion phenomena.


Supernovae, Radiation hydrodynamics, Nucleosynthesis, Metal-poor stars, galaxies, Radiative transfer, Self-similarity, Collisionless plasma, Particle acceleration