SAKON Itsuki

左近 樹さこん いつき
SAKON Itsuki

Title Assistant Professor, Research Associate
Affiliation Department of Astronomy, Department of Astronomy (UG), Department of Astronomy (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4276 | 24276(ext.)

Research Field

Interstellar Physics, Interstellar Chemistry, Space Infrared Astronomy

Research Subject

Observation and Theoretical Study of Evolution Process of Interstellar Matter and Interstellar Dust in the Galaxy and Nearby Galaxies

Current Research

Interstellar dusts, which are drifting in interstellar space of the Galaxy, go through various alterations in the environment of birth, evolution and end of the stars. The behaviors of dusts can be investigated through infrared and submillimeter observations. In order to study formation and destruction process as well as chemical evolution of dusts in interstellar and circumstellar environment in the Galaxy and nearby galaxies, I am working on space-based observations using infrared satellites, e.g., IRTS and AKARI, as well as ground-based observations using mid-infrared instrument mounted on the Subaru Telescope. My research is based on mutual collaboration of theoretical calculations and laboratory experiments. I am also working on the development of mid-infrared Echelle spectrometer for the next generation infrared space telescope, SPICA, mission.


Interstellar Matter, Interstellar Dust, Star-forming Region, Neighboirng Galaxies, Space Infrared Astronomy, Infrared Observation, Interstellar Chemistry, Interstellar Physics, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon, Instrumentation