MICHIMASA Shinichiro

道正 新一郎みちまさ しんいちろう
MICHIMASA Shinichiro

Title Assistant Professor
Affiliation Center for Nuclear Study (CNS), Graduate School of Science
Room 206, CNS Wako Bldg. 2F
TEL +81-48-464-4156

Research Field

Experimental nuclear physics

Research Subject

Experimental study of nuclear structure in unstable nuclei

Current Research

Through nuclear scattering experiments, I am working on investigating the nuclear structures of unstable (short-lived) nuclei in that the numbers of contained protons and neutrons are unbalanced very much. Based on reaction measurements of short-lived nuclei induced by various probes that have different characteristics and sensitivities, I am searching for distinctive structures of short-lived nuclei that do not occur in stable nuclei. Aiming for high-accuracy and high-efficiency measurements, I am also engaged in the development of experiment devices and detectors.


Neutron/Proton-rich Nuclei, Shell Structure, Collective Motion, Nuclear Deformation, Inelastic Scattering, Nucleon Transfer Reaction, Nuclear Spectroscopy, Gamma-ray Spectroscopy