MATANO Hiroshi

俣野 博またの ひろし
MATANO Hiroshi

MATANO Hiroshi
Title Professor
Affiliation Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematics (UG), Graduate School of Mathematical Science
Room 417, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences Bldg. 4F, Komaba Campus
TEL +81-3-5465-7037 | 47037(ext.)

Research Field

Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Research Subject

Qualitative theory of nonlinear equations, Structure of singularities, Traveling waves, Dynamical systems

Current Research

My research is focused mainly on the qualitative theory of nonlinear diffusion equations and elliptic equations. Currently I am interested in traveling waves in heterogeneous diffusive media and their homogenization limits. Other important research themes include blow-up in nonlinear heat equations and the interfacial motion arizing in the singular limit of diffusion equations.


nonlinear partial differential equations, qualitative theory, dynamical systems, singularity, diffusion equations, nonlinear heat equations, traveling wave, singular limit, blow-up of solutions, homogenization limit