ITAI Takaaki

板井 啓明いたい たかあき
ITAI Takaaki

ITAI Takaaki
Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Department of Earth and Planetary Environmental Science (UG), Department of Earth and Planetary Physics (UG), Department of Earth and Planetary Science (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room Building #1 Dept. Sci.
TEL +81-3-5841-4553

Research Field

Environmental Geochemistry

Research Subject

Geochemical cycling of trace elements among water-mineral-biota

Current Research

My major interest is geochemical cycling of toxic metals/metalloids in the environment. The following topics are past/ongoing projects. (i) Biogeochemical cycle of mercury in marine ecosystem using its stable isotope ratios, (ii) Factors controlling mineral/water partitioning of arsenic, (iii) Oxygen consumption and trace element mobilization around sediment water interface, (iv) Systematic understanding of trace element distribution to the various aquatic wild lifes, (v) Experimental and theoretical approaches for the stable isotope fractionation of heavy metals.


geochemistry, mercury, arsenic, lake, bioaccumulation, stable isotope