ISHIGE Kazuhiro

石毛 和弘いしげ かずひろ
ISHIGE Kazuhiro

ISHIGE Kazuhiro
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Mathematics (UG), Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences
Room 311, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences Bldg. 3F, Komaba Campus
TEL +81-3-5465-7025 | 47025(ext.)

Research Field

Partial Differential Equations

Research Subject

Asymptotic analysis and geometric analysis for solutions to parabolic equations

Current Research

I am interested in qualitative properties, in particular, the asymptotic behavior and geometric properties of solutions to parabolic equations. For example, I studied the movement of hot spots for parabolic equations; power concavity of solutions to parabolic equations; the solvability, the large time behavior and the blow-up phenomena for semilinear heat equations and systems, the heat equation with a nonlinear boundary condition and a semilinear elliptic equation with a dynamical boundary condition.


Parabolic equations, Asymptotic analysis, Geometric analysis, Blow-up problems, Nonlinear boundary conditions