Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences (UG), Department of Biological Sciences (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4483 | 24483(ext.)
Room Faculty of Science Bldg.2

Research Field

evolutionary anthropology, mathematical biology

Research Subject

Mathematical modeling in the evolution of human behavior

Current Research

To me the biggest question in science is how humans have acquired the "humanness." Even though we all know that we are an animal species in the Primate order, we cannot stop feeling that we are qualitatively different from the rest of all animals. By the humanness I mean the set of traits that make us feel that we are special among living things. Our understandings of the phylogenetic and historical details of human beings have been continuously improved. However, it is still largely unknown why our behavior is so different, as it seems, from that of other primates and how the designs in human brain that create such unique behavior came into existence. To solve this question is to specify the mechanisms by which natural selection has shaped the designs in human brain. My aim is to make some contribution to this ambitious enterprise using methods in mathematical biology.


behavioral ecology, evolutionary game theory, cultural evolution, mate choice