CAMPBELL Robert Earl

CAMPBELL Robert Earl
Professor, Biomolecular Chemistry Laboratory
Department of Chemistry (UG), Department of Chemistry (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL + 81-3-5841-6528 | 26528 (ext.)
Room Room 484 Faculty of Science East Building 1

Research Field

Biomolecular Chemistry; Optogenetics; Molecular Biology; Chemical Biology

Research Subject

Development of protein-based molecular tools to visualize and manipulate biological systems with light.

Current Research

Light-based technologies are revolutionizing our understanding of biological systems and guiding the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. As a form of energy, light is a powerful and non-invasive tool for biological research. Red and near-infrared (NIR) light is particularly useful, since tissue is most transparent to these wavelengths. Optogenetic tools are proteins that interact with light and enable researchers to either visualize (i.e., an indicator) or manipulate (i.e., an actuator) biological activities. We are currently focussed on design and engineering new optogenetic indicators of cell signalling and metabolism. By engineering red and near-infrared indicators we will create new opportunities for multicolour and deep tissue in vivo imaging of biology activities.


Fluorescent Proteins; Protein Engineering; Spectroscopy; Microscopy; Structure; Cell Biology; Cell Signalling; Neuroscience; Directed Molecular Evolution