ASAI Shoji

浅井 祥仁あさい しょうじ
ASAI Shoji

ASAI Shoji
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Physics (UG), Department of Physics (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room 1003, Faculty of Science Bldg.1, 10F
TEL +81-3-5841-4231 | 24164(ext.)

Research Field

Experiment on Elementary Particles

Research Subject

Direct Exploration for Novel Elementary Particle Phenomena, Precise Verification of the Standard Model

Current Research

My research interest consists of the following: 1) I conduct research on novel elementary particle physics in TeV field for the atlas experiments using the LHC, the world’s best energy accelerator. Through the discovery of and research on Higgs boson, I work to explore the origin of mass, and at the same time to open up new elementary particle physics through the discovery of super symmetrical particles. 2) Through non-accelerators and small experiments using positronium, etc, I conduct precise verification of QED and exploration for novel elementary particle phenomena.


Elementary Particle Experiment, Accelerator, LHC, Atlas Experiment, the Standard Model, Higgs Boson, Super Symmetrical Particle, SUSY, Origin of Mass, Positronium, Non-Accelerator Experiment