秋山 了太あきやま りょうた

Title Assistant Professor
Affiliation Department of Physics (UG), Department of Physics (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room 514, Faculty of Science Bldg.1, 5F
TEL +81-3-5841-4209 | 24209(ext.)

Research Field

Surface physics, Magnetism, Spintronics

Research Subject

Surface transport, magnetism, and topography investigated by a micro probe method, scanning tunneling microscope, and quantum beam.

Current Research

From the fundamental interest and for the application, we investigate the novel surface state related with topological insulators, Rashba spin-orbit interaction, and magnetism. The main feature of these researches is “in situ” measurements in the ultra high vacuum environment. Due to this, the fragile surface state can be detected. The correlation of the surface state and magnetism is one of the most interesting topics. We aim to observe such a surface state by using the ARPES, XMCD, muSR, and neutron scattering as well as traditional methods.


Surface physics, Topological insulator, Rashba spin-orbit interaction, STM, Magnetism, Spintronics, ARPES, XMCD, Neutron scattering, Semiconductor, MBE, Low temperature physics