*This FAQ is for the Undergraduate Transfer Program. If there are any questions in relation to the Current Students Program, please contact us via the contact form.


Q: When did the program launch?
A: GSC Undergraduate Transfer Program was launched in April 2014. We accepted the first batch of transfer students into the Department of Chemistry in October 2014.
Q: How many admissions are there in a year?
A: There are two admissions in a year, Fall (October) and Spring (April).
Q: How many students are to be accepted for each admission?
A: Only a small number of selected students will be accepted each year. Depending on the number of students admitted in Fall (October), the Spring (April) admission will not be held.
Q: I would like to apply to departments other than the Department of Chemistry. When will the application period be?
A: Currently, only the Department of Chemistry will be accepting undergraduate transfer students. Please check our website regularly for updates on other departments.
Q: May I apply to GSC via my university? I would like to know if GSC is affiliated with any institutions.
A: Applicants are required to apply to the program individually. GSC is part of the School of Science at the University of Tokyo and has no affiliations with any institutions.
Q: Upon graduation, will I be able to obtain a degree?
A: Once transferred into the course, GSC students will automatically become a student of the University of Tokyo. If students complete their studies and fulfill all requirements, they will be awarded with a bachelor degree by the University of Tokyo.
Q: Can I apply to do a double major?
A: No, we do not provide options for double major.


Q: Am I able to apply for GSC even if Chemistry is not my major?
A: Please ensure that you have fulfilled all requirements listed here before you proceed with your application.
Q: I am attending University outside of Japan but my nationality is Japanese. May I apply to GSC?
A: We accept students regardless of their nationalities.
Q: I attended junior high school in Japan but studied abroad for my senior high school and university. May I apply to GSC?
A: We are sorry to inform that applicants are only eligible to apply as long as you have completed your entire high school education and the first two years of undergraduate studies outside of Japan.
Q: Can I apply for GSC even if I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student in my university?
A: You may do so as long as you fulfill the requirements here. Once enrolled, you will start from the third year of undergraduate studies as other GSC students.
Q: Does being proficient in Japanese increase my chances of being admitted?
A: We are sorry to inform that Japanese language proficiency will not affect admissions decisions as GSC curriculum will be delivered in English language only.
Q: My native language is not English, but I am currently attending an all-English university. Do I have to submit English proficiency test scores?
A: If you have received English-medium formal education continuously for the approximate past 8 years OR English is your native language, there is no need to submit English proficiency test scores.
Q: I have taken the TOEIC test recently, may I submit that as my English proficiency test?
A: Applicants must only submit either one of these three English proficiency tests, TOEFL iBT, TOEFL PBT and IELTS.
Q: I am taking the TOEFL iBT test before the application deadline but the test score may not be available until after the application deadline. What should I do?
A: Applicants must contact us as soon as possible before submitting their online application.
Q: I have failed to meet the English language proficiency test score requirements. May I retake the test again after submitting my online application?
A: Applicants are not allowed to resubmit any part of their online application once it has been submitted. We are not be able to accommodate such requests.
Q: What is the minimum GPA required to be admitted?
A: No minimum GPA has been set as GSC Faculty Committee reviews all aspects of the application – academic records, English proficiency test scores, personal statement, evaluation forms etc.
Q: Will I be able to transfer all my credits gained from the first two years of my undergraduate studies?
A: The GSC Faculty Committee will evaluate applicants individually to decide on credit eligibility.


Q: Do I have to attend an interview as a part of the admission process?
A: Interviews are not part of the admission process but we will contact applicants if an interview is required under certain circumstances.
Q: I have problems utilizing the online application system. What can I do?
A: Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any problems using the online application system.
Q: Am I able to apply for financial aid to support my application fee?
A: We are sorry to inform that the application fee is compulsory and no financial aid is available.
Q: How will I be informed of the outcome of my application?
A: We will first notify applicants via email followed by an official acceptance letter pack by post.
Q: I do not have a credit card. How can I pay for my application fee?
A: Please contact us if you have any problems paying the application fee.


Q: Will I have the opportunity to learn Japanese language even if GSC lectures are conducted in English?
A: We offer elective Japanese language lessons for GSC students in their first semester. The aim of these lessons are not only to help students ease into their lives in Tokyo but as well as exposing them to Japanese culture and traditions.
Q: I am interested to learn about the curriculum offered by GSC.
A: Information on the curriculum may be found here.
Q: Can I easily proceed to the Graduate School of Science after completing my undergraduate studies?
A: Absolutely, most of our undergraduate students proceed to the Graduate School of Science upon completion of their undergraduate studies. Students may find more information here.

Cost & Aid

Q: How much is the annual tuition fee?
A: Please refer to Cost & Aid for financial information.
Q: Do international students pay the same tuition fees as Japanese students?
A: Yes, undergraduate tuition fees are the same for all UTokyo students regardless of nationality or study program.
Q: When do I receive my monthly scholarship?
A: GSC students will receive their scholarship every three months. Further information available here.

Campus Life

Q: I am interested in meeting students from my country. Where can I obtain more information?
A: Please visit here for a list of international student associations in UTokyo.
Q: Who can I approach if I have problems regarding my everyday life?
A: Besides the academic faculty members, students may feel free to approach either their department office, the GSC administration office, the School of Science International Liaison Office or the UTokyo International Center if they have any problems outside of their academic life. The professional staff members are more than happy to provide support.
Q: Would I be able to learn Japanese language outside of the GSC curriculum?
A: Students may visit the Center for Japanese Language Education to apply for Japanese language classes.

Life in Tokyo

Q: Am I eligible for any health insurance during my study in Japan?
A: Students are required to join the National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken) at their local municipal office. Further information available here.
Q: What is the average cost of living in Tokyo?
A: A simple list of items and their average prices in Tokyo can be found here.
Q: Will I be able to work part-time during my studies in UTokyo?
A: We provide financial aid for GSC students to ensure that they are able to live comfortably in Tokyo. If students are interested in working part-time, further information may be found here.