Hearing back from us

At the end of the screening process, admissions decisions will be announced. The School of Science will send out emails and official letter packs via courier service to applicants regarding their application outcome. Admissions decision is final and we will not respond to any inquiries regarding the results of any part of the screening process.

Getting back to us

Applicants are required to notify us regarding their enrollment intent via email by the given deadline. If applicants fail to meet the due date, we will automatically withdraw your admission offer without any prior notification.

  • Applicants wishing to proceed with enrollment must return documents in the letter pack as well as submit the original copy of the following documents by postal mail:
    • Official high school transcript
    • Certificate of Student Enrollment
    • Official University/College transcript
    • Course Syllabus

Please request for official transcripts and certificates issued by your institution.

Applying for visa

International students wishing to pursue their studies at a Japanese university must apply for a visa with the status of residence of "College Student". This visa has to be applied at a Japanese embassy or Consulate of their current country of residence before traveling to Japan.

One of the required documents when applying for the visa is the Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Once we have received and approved all documents from students, we will apply for the COE on student's behalf and send it to students once it has been granted.

With this certificate and other supporting documents, students are required to visit the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in their country to apply for the "College Student" visa. Note that this process may require some time and students are advised to prepare all supporting documents and proceed with the application as soon as possible. It is their responsibility to contact their local embassy or consulate to confirm the supporting documents.

Students are required to send us a scanned copy of their "College Student" visa after it has been granted.

Find your country's Japanese Embassy or Consulate here.
Further information on visa available here.

Applying for housing

We will provide students with housing advice to guide them through the application process. Students may obtain further housing information here.

Preparing to leave for Japan

Students may use this as a reference to prepare themselves before coming to Japan.

Health Insurance in Japan

International students who are staying in Japan for more than three months are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI) and voluntary withdrawal is not permitted. NHI is a medical insurance system where the insured person can receive treatment without financial burden.

Please register for NHI at the municipal office of your residence area. The insurance fees are to be paid monthly and the amount differs according to your ward of residence or income. The NHI card is necessary when receiving any medical treatments as it will entitle you to pay only 30% of the total cost of treatment or medication covered by the Health Insurance Act.