List of Instructors



Robert Earl Campbell

I am from British Columbia in Canada and obtained my PhD from the University of British Columbia. I did postdoctoral research at the University of California San Diego. My research group is focussed on protein engineering and the development of optogenetic indicators to probe biological systems.

Biomolecular Chemistry Laboratory


Keisuke Goda

I am from Sapporo and received my PhD from MIT in physics. My research group focuses on the development of novel methods for molecular imaging and molecular spectroscopy for green energy and medical applications. The methods are based on an integration of photonics and physical chemistry combined with molecular cell biology, nanotechnology, and computer science.

Structural Chemistry Laboratory


Taro Hitosugi

I am from Yokohama and received my Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo. My research group focuses on developing new solid materials with novel electric, ionic or optical properties. We also use machine learning and robots to pursue solid-state chemistry. Research is fun! Let us enjoy science!

Solid State Chemistry Laboratory


Hiroyuki Isobe

I am originally from Tokyo, Japan and received my PhD from The University of Tokyo. My research group explores physical organic chemistry of π-systems by designing new molecules and investigating its physical uniqueness.

Physical Organic Chemistry Laboratory


Shu Kobayashi

I am from Tokyo, Japan and received my Ph.D. degree from The University of Tokyo. My research group has many interests in the development of new methodologies for green sustainable chemistry including development of organic reactions in water, polymer-supported metal catalysts, novel catalysts for new transformations, and flow fine synthesis. Please visit our website for more details.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratory


Hiroki Oguri

By integrating the biosynthetic logic and modern organic synthesis, Oguri laboratory aims to formulate advanced strategies for concise synthesis of the natural products and their variants with systematic diversification of skeletal, stereochemical, and functional group properties. Our group is exploring the interface of natural products chemistry, chemical biology, and supramolecular chemistry

Natural Products Chemistry Laboratory


Shin-ichi Ohkoshi

My research group develops materials that are demanded for the future society looking upon big data, IoT, security, and renewable energy. We synthesize variety of materials from metal complexes to metal oxides, and the research approach is widely spread from theoretical calculations to advanced measurements of the physical properties.

Solid State Physical Chemistry Laboratory


Takeaki Ozawa

Our laboratory investigates the methods for molecular imaging, identification of biological molecules, and light control of enzymatic activities in complex systems of biological interest. For this purpose, we are using basic knowledge and novel techniques of chemistry and biology. Our research will contribute not only to basic research into the mechanisms of molecules in the field of biology, but also to new drug development and medical diagnoses.

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory


Hiroaki Suga

I’m from Okayama city in Japan and obtained my PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our research group focuses on the interface of chemistry and biology, involving the development of technologies related to pseud-natural products and peptides, drug translation, ribozymes, RNAs, and drug discovery.

Bioorganic Chemistry Laboratory


Tatsuya Tsukuda

I am from Hiroshima, Japan and completed my doctoral degree at the University of Tokyo. My research group investigates the atomically-precise synthesis, characterization, and catalytic application of metal clusters protected by ligands or supported on solid materials.

Catalytic Chemistry Laboratory


Teppei Yamada

Our laboratory intends to develop science concerning electrochemical energy. For that purpose, we develop methods for manipulating individual ions through the design of nanospace of metal-organic frameworks, macrocyclic compounds, plastic crystals, or molecular assembly.

Inorganic Chemistry

Assistant Professors


Olaf Stefańczyk

I am from Krakow, Poland. I received a PhD degree in chemistry from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow and a European Doctorate in Molecular Magnetism from the European Institute of Molecular Magnetism. My research is focused on the development of multifunctional photomagnetic materials showing new types of physical cross–effects between optical properties, conductivity and magnetism.

Solid State Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Project Assistant Professor


Fabio Lisi

I am from Lajatico, Italy, and hold a PhD degree in chemistry from the University of Melbourne, Australia. My research focuses on the detection of biological interactions using nanomaterials and optical methods, emphasising both the fundamental study of these interactions and the application of this understanding to develop a new generation of biosensors.

Structural Chemistry Laboratory