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July 10, 2014

[Event Report] GSC Presentation for 2014 UTRIP students

"University of Tokyo ResearchInternship Program", UTRIP is an intensive summer internship program led by the Graduate School of Science targeted at undergraduate students from abroad. Since the launch of the program in June 2010, we have been receiving huge number of applicants from prestigious universities around the world. Selected students will join UTRIP for six-weeks where they will work closely with leading researchers of the Graduate School of Science to undergo scientific research work experience.

On July 10, 2014, a presentation session was held for the UTRIP students organized by the International Liaison Office. The aim of this presentation was to expose the UTRIP students to various programs and scholarships offered in both the Faculty of Science and the Graduate School of Science.

A simple but informative presentation containing various information such as program aims, student eligibility, application process, financial aids etc regarding the Global Science Course was delivered to the students. The students were interested in GSC and raised various questions regarding the program, which includes mainly about the financial aid as well as curriculum delivered.

At the end of the session, we are glad to learn that international undergraduate students have strong interests in courses delivered in English at the UTokyo. We hope that now since the UTRIP students have a clear understanding of the program, they will be able to bring the information back to their country and relay such information to those that are looking at an opportunity to pursue studies in Japan.