November, 2017
External Evaluation Committee of STEPS program

On November 17, the first External Evaluation Committee of Students and Researchers Exchange Program in Sciences (STEPS) was held at the School of Science. This committee is established for the purpose of implementing objective evaluation and giving advice on STEPS program. It consists of seven experts including who are outstanding in their capacity as leaders in academia, politics or industry, etc.

Following a greeting from dean Takeda, Professor Yamanouchi of the previous program coordinator reported on progress for initiatives of the STEPS program.

Afterwards, two students who participated in STEPS program made presentations to share their own experience. In opinion exchange, Committee members explored possibilities of continuation of STEPS program through free and vigorous discussions which they evaluated as highly useful.

Participating council members

  • Dr. Kenichi Ueda (Project Professor, Emeritus Professor at the University of Electro-Communications)
  • Mr. Yukiyoshi Inoue (Professor of the Department of Russian Studies at Sophia University)
  • Dr. Yoshiaki Uesu (Emeritus Professor at WASEDA University)
  • Mr. Satoshi Sakai (Senior advisor of Europe/Russia Oil and Gas Business Department, Mitsubishi Corporation)
  • Mr. Keiichi Shima (Director of the Japan-Russia Exchange Programs Division, European Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Mr. Vinogradov Konstantin (Representative of the Rossotrudnichestvo in Japan)
  • Mr. Yukio Asazuma (Vice Chairman of NPO Japan-Russia Exchange Society)
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