Guidelines for SPbU students

Students and Researchers Exchange Program in Sciences (STEPS) with Russian Universities

Application Guidelines for Students
from Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU)


This program aims to foster young undergraduates, postgraduates studying in Japan and Russia for future cooperative development between both countries. We invite students from Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU) to participate in research exchange at the School of Science and Department of Civil Engineering at the School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo.

NOTE: Please carefully check 5. Hosting Schools and Departments at UTokyo to see which departments you are allowed to
intern at.


Applicants must be current Bachelor, Specialist, Master or PhD students of SPbU.

3.Number of Admission (per year)

About 15 students


  • Outstanding academic achievement (an average grade ≥ 4.0)
  • Good command of English (IELTS, TOEFL,etc., SPbU Certificate or Reference signed by Head of English Department)
  • Strong interest in collaboration between Japan and Russia
  • To contact a prospective hosting professor in The University of Tokyo

5.Hosting Schools and Departments at The University of Tokyo

  • Faculty of Science (For students in the Bachelor Program and the Specialist Program)
    Department of Mathematics, Department of Information Science, Department of Physics, Department of Astronomy, Department of Earth and Planetary Physics, Department of Earth and Planetary Environmental Science, Department of Chemistry, Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, Department of Bioinformatics and System Biology, Department of Biological Science
  • Graduate School of Science (For students in the Master Program and the PhD Program)
    Department of Physics, Department of Astronomy, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Department of Chemistry, Department of Biological Science
  • Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering
    (For students in the Bachelor Program, the Specialist Program, the Master Program and the PhD Program)
    Department of Civil Engineering

6.Program Duration

April 16th, 2018 – September 30th, 2018

7.Period of Stay

1-2 months (minimum stay of 4 weeks) for Bachelor, Specialist, and Master students

1-3 months for PhD students

8.Program Support

  • Free accommodation provided
  • Free education
  • Round-rip flight ticket

9.Application Procedure and Documents

Applicants have to submit to the STEPS Coordinator at SPbU following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Letter of Acceptance from hosting professor(*)
  • Research plan (signed by a scientific supervisor at SPbU)
  • IELTS, TOEFL, etc. certificate (if any exists)
  • Passport Copy

(*) Each applicant is required to directly contact a professor or an associate professor of the host department and obtain his/her acceptance before applying to the STEPS. Please put the STEPS Office in the CC when you correspond with the hosting professor.

10.Participant Report

To submit a report within the requested period upon completion of the program address to the STEPS coordinator at SPbU.


Saint-Petersburg State University STEPS Coordinator
Mrs. Elena Serova, International Academic Cooperation Department
TEL : +7 (812) 428 43 14
CELL: +7 (911) 162 64 14

UTokyo STEPS Office