Online Application for UTokyo students

Online Application for UTokyo students

Click here for Online Application Form

Read the following explanations carefully before applying. The entered information is saved at the very end, so we ask that you prepare the necessary documents on-hand in advance before applying. It may take some time to receive the Letter of Acceptance in particular, so we recommend making preparations for this in advance. Please download and use the necessary forms from Application Guidelines or Online Application Form.

Contact if any technical problems should arise.

The online application includes the following items. Take a look at the detailed explanations for each one. All information must be entered in English.

  1. Personal Information
  2. Emergency Contact Person Details
  3. Study Trip Schedule Information
  4. English Ability
  5. Statement of Purpose
  6. Additional Required Documents
  7. Verification

1.Personal Information

Applicants will be contacted via email, and in some cases files will be sent to them by email after they have been selected. So we ask that you enter an email address that you currently use that can receive files.

2.Emergency Contact Person Details

  • Enter information like guardians that can be contacted while you are traveling abroad.
  • Contact addresses are limited to people residing in Japan.

3.Study Trip Schedule Information

  • Directly contact the hosting faculty supervisor at the destination in advance to receive acceptance permission.
  • Enter the planned departure date and return date based on the internship period agreed upon with the hosting faculty supervisor.
  • Try to avoid having your arrival date in Russia fall on a weekend.

4.English Ability

  • If you have taken the TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, or any other such tests, click the radio button next to “I have an …” and upload documents verifying your test scores in Section 6 below.
  • If you have not taken any of these tests, check “I have not taken …”

5.Statement of Purpose

Describe why you wish to study in Russia and what kind of research you hope to carry out at your hosting university in specific detail.

6.Additional Required Documents

Submit the following documents along with your application.
For ① and ② , download the forms and ask all of the applicable persons to fill in the necessary items, scan them in as necessary, then upload them.
For ③ to ⑦ , upload the documents in question.

  • ① Letter of Consent
  • ② Letter of Acceptance
  • ③ Research Plan
  • ④ All Academic Transcript(s)
  • ⑤ Passport Copy
  • ⑥ Residence Card Copy
  • ⑦ English Proficiency Test score copy

① Letter of Consent from your Head of Department and your supervisor as well as advisors

Check to make sure that your Head of Department as well as your supervisor have signed and placed their seal on the documents. Undergraduate students who have not been assigned a supervisor yet do not need to obtain supervisor’s signature.

② Letter of Acceptance

Have one professor or associate professor belonging to the Lomonosov Moscow State University or the Saint Petersburg State University sign the Letter of Acceptance. This document serves as confirmation that the host has agreed to accept the student during their planned internship period. Electronic signatures are acceptable for this form.

③ Research Plan detailing the subject you wish to research at the destination in specific detail

There is no fixed format for this document, but please prepare this in English.

④ All Academic Transcript(s)

Academic Transcripts for every course you have taken from the time you entered The University of Tokyo (undergraduate level) down to the present are required. Include sections where the grading standards (what the grading scale is, etc.) have been clearly defined.

⑤ Passport Copy

Please keep the following points in mind when submitting this.

  • Upload photocopy of the page containing your name and the field containing your photo.
  • Prepare sharp, color copies.
  • Scan or copy your passport by centering it so that the edges of the pages are visible.
  • Check if the remaining validity period of your passport is more than one year and a half as of your departure date specified on the visa that you are going to apply for. If this is not the case, please prepare your passport fulfilling the requirement above and bring its copy to STEPS Office by no later than three months before your planned departure date.

⑥ Residence Card Copy (for foreign students only)

If the applicant is a foreign national, their remaining permitted staying period in Japan should be six months or longer as of the date of the application for their entry visa into Russia. If this is not the case, please prepare your Residence Card fulfilling the requirement above and bring its copy to STEPS Office before your entry visa application needs to be submitted.

⑦ English Proficiency Test score copy if you have taken the TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency, or any other equivalent test

This is optional, so if you have not taken any of these tests you do not have to submit any scores.


You will be asked to provide an electronic signature at the end of the online application to verify that the information you entered is correct.

After you have entered all of the information and finished uploading the documents, press the “Confirm” button. If your application has been completed correctly, a confirmation email will be delivered from the STEPS Office to the email address you entered. Please check your spam box, too, if you do not find the email in your inbox. If you do not receive this email after pressing the “Confirm” button, it may be because you have entered the wrong email address. If this happens, please contact .