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January 17, 2017

GSC Seminar 13

image01Photo: Prof. Cheng (Right) and Prof. Suga (Left)


"α-Helices: Structure, Stability, and More"


Professor Richard P. Cheng
Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University


Professor Hiroaki Suga
Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science


This lecture is intended to provide an introduction to the α-helix. The lecture will start off by introducing the 20 canonical amino acids, followed by condensing amino acids into peptides and proteins. Discussion on non-covalent forces and conformational preferences will lead to the α-helix structure. Statistical mechanical treatment of the equilibrium between the α-helix and random coil will be covered including a discussion on end capping. The lecture will then turn to associating multiple α-helices to form coiled coils (i.e. helical bundles). Recent examples on building bioactivity into single α-helices and using coiled coils in generating nanostructures will be given in the end.

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