Kick-off Seminar and International Career Seminar held

FoPM Kick-off Seminar was held at Koshiba Hall on December 19th, 2019. Prof. Hitoshi Murayama, the Program Coordinator, explained the purpose and outline of the program to the FoPM students who were enrolled in the program in this academic year.

Following the Kick-off Seminar, the International Career Seminar -International Postdocs- was held and more than 80 students from the Graduate School of Science and other graduate schools including the FoPM students attended. In the seminar, current or former postdocs talked about their experiences working as a postdoc abroad as well as tips for a successful international postdoc application. All the talks were so informative that the audience listened attentively. The program of the seminar is as follows:

Postdoc experience abroad

5:30-5:50pm Hajime Fukuda (Particle Theory)
Postdoc, UC Berkeley
5:50-6:10pm Yuji Chinone (Experimental Cosmology)
Project Assistant Professor, Research Center for the Early Universe, Graduate School of Science, UTokyo
Past position: Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Physics, UC Berkeley (-2019)
6:10-6:30pm Toshihiro Nomura (Experimental Condensed Matter Physics)
Research Associate, Institute for Solid State Physics, UTokyo
Past position: Scientist, HLD-HZDR, Dresden (-2019)

How to write a successful postdoc application

6:30-7pm Thomas Edward Melia (Particle Theory) *Video link
Project Assistant Professor, Kavli IPMU, UTokyo
Past position: Postdoc, CERN & UC Berkeley (-2017)
7-8pm Information exchange session (Light food and drinks will be served)

*MC: Hitoshi Murayama, Professor, Kavli IPMU

Presentation by Dr. Hajime Fukuda
Presentation by Dr. Toshihiro Nomura
Dr. Yuji Chinone after the Seminar
Prof. Hitoshi Murayama with FoPM students