Financial Support

FoPM students may be appointed as TAKUETSU (Excellence) Research Assistants (TRAs) and be paid 170,000 yen per month for Master’s students and 180,000 yen for Doctoral students for the research that you perform under this assistantship.

  • Students who are accepted as JSPS Research Fellows or who receive Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships or any scholarships from the University of Tokyo cannot be appointed as TRAs, but may apply for FoPM. Students who do not wish to be appointed as TRAs, for example, because they are receiving other scholarships or have concerns about dependent exemption, may also apply for the program.
  • When a FoPM student is accepted as a JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, you are required to stay in FoPM, while not receiving this assistantship.
  • TRAs are not allowed to work as Research Assistants, but are encouraged to work as Teaching Assistants on campus.
  • Income tax will be deducted from your TRA salary every month. You must therefore make a year-end adjustment or file a final tax return.
  • If your total income in one calendar year (January-December) exceeds a certain amount, you will be excluded from the category of dependent and/or non-working dependent on your parents’ or spouse’s health insurance. Moreover, depending on your total yearly income, you may be required to pay resident’s tax in the next fiscal year.