Staff Exchanges


January 26-29
Ms. Agatha Keller, Co-Head of EU Grants Access at ETH Zürich, was invited to visit UTokyo. Ms. Keller met with Prof. Makoto Gonokami, President of UTokyo, and Prof. Ken Furuya, Executive Vice President responsible for International Affairs, and shared her ideas on future exchanges. She also participated in informal meetings with Prof. Naoto Sekimura, Vice President and Deputy Director of the Division of International Affairs; Prof. Kaoru Yamanouchi, Vice Dean of the School of Science; and Mr. Yukitsugu Ono, Manager of the International Affairs Department, during which the four exchanged further ideas on the development of the strategic partnership. In addition, Ms. Keller gave a lecture entitled “International Research Management @ ETH Zürich,” and discussed the promotion of research with university research administrators (URAs) and research support staff.
From the left: Executive Vice President Furuya, Co-Head Keller, President Gonokami and Prof. Yamanouchi

From left: Executive Vice President Furuya, Ms. Keller, President Gonokami, and Prof. Yamanouchi

Front row, from the left: Prof. Sekimura, Ms. Keller, Prof. Yamanouchi and Mr. Ono

Front row, from left: Prof. Sekimura, Ms. Keller, Prof. Yamanouchi, and Mr. Ono


November 21-24
Dr. Yoshiko Baba, University Research Administrator (URA); Mr. Takafumi Yokoyama, Assistant Manager of the Financial Affairs Team; and Ms. Atsuko Takatsuno, Senior Staff Member of the Personnel Team, all of the School of Science (UTokyo), visited ETH Zürich together with Prof. Yamanouchi, Vice Dean of the School of Science, and his secretary, Ms. Mihoshi Abe. They discussed systems for acquiring external funding, methods for allocating and managing university funds, and departmental research support systems with Prof. Simon Lilly, Head of the Department of Physics, and Mr. Andreas Brandstetter of the same department.
Department Head Prof. Lilly at center left and Mr. Brandstetter to the right with Prof. Yamanouchi and his party

Prof. Lilly (left of center) and Mr. Brandstetter (right of center) with Prof. Yamanouchi and his team

March 23
Dr. Teruyuki Hayashi, University Research Administrator (URA) in the School of Science (UTokyo), visited ETH Zürich, where he met Ms. Agatha Keller, Co-Head of EU Grants Access. They agreed to continue to cooperate in the future.
Co-Head Keller and URA Hayashi

Ms. Keller and Dr. Hayashi

March 12
Based on an agreement reached at the kick-off symposium in February, a team from the School of Science (UTokyo), comprising Dr. Satoru Nogami, University Research Administrator (URA); Mr. Masashi Uesugi, Assistant Manager of Accounting Administration; Ms. Satoko Nishimura, Chief Librarian of the School of Science Library; Ms. Yuuki Kuroda, Staff Member of the General Affairs Team; and Ms. Junko Ikutani, Staff Member of the Student Affairs Team, visited the ETH Zürich headquarters. They held discussions with Mr. Anders Hagström, Director of Global Educational Affairs, on the acceptance of overseas students, ways of obtaining European funding, and the accountability of universities towards taxpayers in the face of globalization.
The team also met and exchanged ideas with Prof. Donald Hilvert, Head of the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences; Prof. Jeffrey Bode, Head of the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry; and Prof. Christophe Copéret, Head of the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry, and were given a tour of the research facilities.
Dr. Wittek, supervisor of student exchanges (third from the left), Ms. Hofrichter (fourth from the left) with Dr. Byland, supervisor of international exchanges (second from the right)

Dr. Wittek (third from left), Head of the Student Exchange Office at ETH Zürich, and Ms. Hofrichter (fourth from left), also of the Student Exchange Office, with Dr. Byland, Program Manager for ETH Global (second from right)