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For information on student affairs relating to the ALPS program, contact the Student Affairs Staff at your own Department Office:

Any Other Inquiries, please contact the ALPS Desk.

Miscellaneous notes

About the ALPS grant

ALPS students can receive a monthly grant of 200,000 yen, but there are some provisions that must be considered carefully:

  1. If you receive the ALPS grant, you may no longer receive other financial aid such as scholarships. Students falling under the following three categories may not also receive the ALPS grant at the same time.
    1. Students sponsored by the national government of Japan:
      • Students who have been accepted as JSPS Research Fellows (DC)
      • Students receiving scholarship loans from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
      • Foreign students receiving either the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship or the JASSO Honors Scholarship
    2. Foreign students who are sponsored by their own governments
    3. Students receiving scholarship from the University of Tokyo
    Also, those receiving the ALPS grant will not be eligible for the 25,000-yen monthly Grant for the Promotion of Doctorate Researchers. For more detail, you should consult the Graduate School Office of the Graduate School of Science.
  2. The ALPS grant counts as miscellaneous income, and is thus subject to taxation. Consult the Graduate School Office of the Graduate School of Science for more information on this issue.
  3. To be eligible for the ALPS grant, you must participate in the course for at least a full year. You also need to prepare and submit documents verifying that you do not currently receive any other benefits such as the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists.
  4. The names of all grantees of the ALPS program are to be made public.
  5. Those receiving the ALPS grant are not allowed to do part-time jobs except for Teaching Assistants (TAs) on campus and activities that the Program Director regards as necessary for educational and research purpose.

ALPS course students who do not receive the monthly grant

  • When an ALPS student is accepted as a JSPS Research Fellow DC1, they are required to remain in the ALPS course through their Doctoral years, while not receiving the ALPS grant.
  • When a second-year Master's student who has already been accepted for the JSPS Research Fellowship DC1 wishes to join the ALPS course, they are free to apply. When such students pass the selection and become course students, their numbers will be counted outside of the limitation on yearly student enrollments. They will, however, be eligible to receive the grant for the month of March, 2012.
  • Students who do not wish to receive the grant, due to reasons such as dependent exemption concerns, may also apply for the ALPS course. These students, too, when they pass the selection and become course students, will be counted outside of the fixed number of students that can belong to the program in each class year.

Applying for Exemption from Repayment for a JASSO scholarship

If you are a first-year Master's students receiving scholarship loans from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and wish to apply for an Exemption from Repayment, please inquire at your own department office.