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List of ALPS instructors

The ALPS course is conducted by the following member instructors:

Masahiro Hoshino EPS, Sci.; Prof. Sc.D.; Cosmic & Planetary Plasma Physics [Program Director]
Shoji Asai Phys., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D.(Sci.); Experiment on Elementary Particles [Program Coordinator]
Hidefumi Akiyama Laser and Synchrotron Research Center, ISSP: Prof. Ph.D.(Sci.); nano-structures physics
Kenji Fukushima Phys., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D.(Sci,); Nuclear Theory
Akira Furusawa Appl. Phys., Eng.; Prof. Ph.D. (Eng.); Quantum Optics, Quantum Information
Keisuke Goda Chem., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D. (Phys.); Biomedical Photonics, Physical Chemistry
Tetsuya Hasegawa Chem., Sci.; Prof. Sc.D.; Solid State Chemistry
Hideo Higuchi Phys., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D. (Sci.); Biophysics
Takaaki Kajita ICRR; Prof. Sc.D.; Neutrino, Gravitational Wave
Hidetoshi Katori Appl. Phys., Eng.; Prof. Ph.D. (Eng.); Quantum Electronics
Masato Koashi PSC, Eng.; Prof. Ph.D. (Sci.); Quantum Information, Quantum Optics
Yohei Kobayashi Laser and Synchrotron Research Center, ISSP; Prof. Eng.D.; Division of Advanced Spectroscopy
Katsumi Midorikawa RIKEN, Director Eng.D.; Laser Engineering
Shin-ichi Ohkoshi Chem., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D. (Sci.); Solid State Chemistry
Tomoko Ohtsuki Phys., Sci.; Project Prof. Ph.D. (Opt. Sci.); Fiber Laser
Takeaki Ozawa Chem., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D. (Sci.); Analytical Chemistry
Hirofumi Sakai IPST, Phys., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D.(Sci,); Quantum Optics and Atomic/Molecular Physics
Hiroyoshi Sakurai Phys., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D. (Sci.); Experimental Nuclear Physics
Mitsuhiko Shionoya Chem., Sci.; Prof. Pharm.D.; Bioinorganic Chemistry
Takao Someya EEIS, Eng.; Prof. Ph.D. (Eng.); Organic Electronics
Masahito Ueda Phys., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D. (Sci.); Cold Atomic Gasses
Sotaro Uemura Bio., Sci.; Prof. Ph.D. (Sci.); Optical Biology
Satoshi Yamamoto Phys., Sci.; Prof. Sc.D.; Astrophysics
Kaoru Yamanouchi Chem., Sci.; Prof. Sc.D.; Intense Laser Science, Physical Chemistry
Junji Yumoto Phys., Sci.; Emeritus Prof. Eng.D.; Nonlinear Optics