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Apr. 16, 2013
Leading Graduate School Doctoral Program Forum 2012

The Leading Graduate School Doctoral Program Forum 2012 was held at Tokyo Conference Center Ariake on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16, 2013.

The forum brought together all 44 Leading Graduate School programs accepted by MEXT. Representatives from five programs gave presentations, followed by a discussion period.

Professor Gonokami, Program Coordinator for ALPS, gave a lecture on the Advanced Leading Graduate School for Photon Science program. Professor Yamanouchi, Chair of the ALPS School Affair Committee, also participated in the discussion session and exchanged thoughts with other program organizers.

There was a student session as well, in which Mr. Yusuke Morita, a 2nd-year Master's course student in the ALPS program (Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science) participated. His report on the session can be read here.