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Mar.08, 2012
To ALPS Course Students

Reporting on Your Academic Progress

Please submit a report of your studies for the Academic Year 2011 (the year ending in March 2012) to the Graduate School Office by April 13th. Note that you will be required to make this report every 3 months hereafter (June, September, December and March).

*Download the Report Form from the website, fill it out and submit it to your secondary supervisor to obtain their signature. If their schedule does not allow for a face-to-face appointment, you may e-mail them your report and ask for their signature. The completed form bearing the secondary supervisor's signature should then be e-mailed as a PDF attachment to the Graduate School Office of the Graduate School of Science by the deadline.

TA Assignment Report

TA assignments are permitted provided that they fulfill both of the following conditions:

  • They are for an Official Curriculum course, or an equivalent course, at one of the three departments participating in ALPS (the Department of Physics, the Department of Chemistry or the Department of Applied Physics).
  • They do not exceed 5 hours a week

If you wish to be permitted to work as a TA, you must fill out and submit your TA Assignment Report to the Graduate School Office of the Graduate School of Science by Friday, April 20.