Course Overview

GSGC Eligibility Requirements

The following is the overview on eligibility for GSGC. Full details can be found in the Application Guidelines. Please see "1. Applicant Qualifications".

Prospective students are eligible for this course if they meet the following requirements.

  1. Those who plan to enroll in the doctoral program in the Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo.
  2. Those who apply for a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS)Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (Doctoral Course).
  3. Those who understand the intent of this course.


  • Students applying to GSGC can't apply to other leading graduate schools at the University of Tokyo (e.g. ALPS, MERIT, etc.)
  • GSGC students are expected to attend both the Master’s program and the Doctoral program in order to maintain consistency in their education and research. However, Master’s students are required to pass a screening before proceeding to the Doctoral program.

GSGC Duration

GSGC consists of a two year Master’s program and a three year Doctoral program, for a total of up to five years.

(Note) The program duration may vary in the case of admitted students who take a leave of absence, have poor academic performance, or encounter problems regarding their Master’s thesis examination.

Course Features

  • Faculty Guidance System
    In addition to the main supervisor, GSGC students are assigned a secondary supervisor who is a GSGC faculty member.
    List of Secondary Supervisors
  • Curriculum in English
    All lectures on this course are delivered in English.
  • Japanese Language Classes
    International students will be provided with Japanese language and culture classes.
  • Financial Assistance
    Students enrolled in GSGC(two years on the Master’s program and three years on the Doctoral program, at most)will receive a monthly scholarship of 180,000 yen.
    Please carefully read the following for further information regarding the monthly scholarship.
    Note that students may not receive a scholarship additional to the GSGC scholarship.
  1. Students who receive the GSGC scholarship may no longer receive other financial aid. Students falling under the following categories may not also receive the GSGC scholarship at the same time.
    • Students sponsored by the national government of Japan:
      • Students who have been accepted as a JSPS Research Fellow (Doctoral Course)*
      • Students receiving scholarship loans from the Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO)
      • International students receiving the Government of Japan (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology [MEXT]) scholarship or the JASSO Honors Scholarship
    • Students receiving scholarships from their home country
    • Students receiving scholarships from the University of Tokyo

    Also, those receiving the GSGC grant will not be eligible for the 25,000-yen monthly Grant for the Promotion of Doctorate Researchers.)

  2. GSGC scholarship counts as miscellaneous income, and is thus subject to taxation. Students must file their final income tax return. For more information, please contact the Graduate School Office of the Graduate School of Science.
  3. To receive the GSGC scholarship, students must be continually enrolled in the course. Students must also prepare and submit a document stating that they are not receiving any other scholarship funds or have other benefactors.
  4. The names of all grantees of the GSGC program are to be made public.
  5. Students who receive the GSGC scholarship are not allowed to do part-time jobs except for Teaching Assistants (TAs)/Research Assistants (RAs) on campus and activities that the Program Director regards as necessary for educational and research purpose.

*When a GSGC student is accepted as a JSPS Research Fellow (Doctoral Course) they are required to remain in GSGC through their Doctoral years, while not receiving the GSGC scholarship.

Course Completion Requirements

To complete GSGC, students must take courses required by the relevant department (see FAQ). In addition, it is required to attend and present at the exchange meeting seminar and regularly discuss with secondary supervisors.

Master's students must pass a Qualifying Examination to stay in the program throughout their Doctoral studies and Doctoral students must pass a Final Examination to be qualified to complete GSGC. The course will be completed if and when the students receive their PhD degrees.

Application Period: December 15, 2023, January 5, 2024 (J.S.T)

Contact Address

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Graduate School of Science,
the University of Tokyo

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