Academics & Research:

Q) Please tell me about the credits required for completion and courses that GSGC students can enroll in.
A) As a general rule, the following credits are required:
Master's program: 30 or more credits.
Doctoral program: 20 or more credits.
The number of necessary credits shall be determined by each department. Students are encouraged to visit the department Web page for further information.
Q) I completed graduate courses at another university before applying to GSGC. Can I transfer these credits and will they fulfill degree requirements of GSGC?
A) Basically, your credits will not fulfill degree requirements of GSGC. If you wish to consult your situation, please contact your potential supervisor in the department.
Q) How are Masters Degrees graded and will I have to write a Thesis to get a Master's Degree?
A) As credit and course information may vary depending on the department, students are encouraged to visit the department Web page for further information.

Application Process:

Q) My native language is not English however, I obtained a degree from a university in an English speaking country. (e.g. U.K, U.S ) Can I be exempted from submitting TOEFL Score?
A) Applicants whose native language is English may in some cases be exempted from submitting a TOEFL Score, with the advance approval of the Graduate School of Science. For further clarification, please contact the Graduate School of Science at
Q) My TOEFL Scores are old. Do I need to retake the test and submit the test scores before the application deadline?
A) TOEFL test scores are invalid if the tests were taken more than two years before the date of application. Applicants who wish to retake the exam during the application period should contact and obtain advance approval of the Graduate School of Science for the possibility of an extension.
Q) I am taking the TOEFL/GRE test before the application deadline but the test score may not be available until after the application deadline. What should I do?
A) Applicants must contact the Graduate School of Science as soon as possible before submitting their online application. Please contact the Graduate School of Science at
Q) What are the minimum score requirements for TOEFL/GRE?
A) We do not officially release any information regarding minimum score requirements for TOEFL/GRE.
Q) Can I submit an IETLS score instead of TOEFL for proof of proficiency in English?
A) Currently, we only accept TOEFL scores as an official English language test.
Q) I am a Japanese national who completed my education abroad. Am I eligible to apply for GSGC?
A) Applicants must be approved by the Graduate School of Science of the University of Tokyo as having earned the necessary credits with outstanding grades. For inquiries, please contact the Graduate School of Science at
Q) How do I choose my main supervisor during the application process?
A) Applicants must select more than one potential supervisor. When applying online, applicants can select up to three potential supervisors from the list. Click and select from the drop-down menu. Applicants should first visit the department Web page and contact potential supervisor(s) to discuss your research plan, required skills and experience etc. before you apply.
Q) What is the difference between Special Selection for International Applicants (Master's and Doctoral Programs) and Master's Level Admission to the Global Science Graduate Course (GSGC)?
A) GSGC students are expected to attend both the Master's course and the Doctoral course whereas students in the Special Selection for International Applicants course do not have to attend both. Further information on Special Selection for International Applications can be found here:
Q) Can I apply for both GSGC and Special Selection for International Applicants?
A) Applicants are allowed to apply for both "Special Selection for International Applicant" and "GSGC" for the same enrollment term.
Q) If I apply for both GSGC and Special Selection for International Applicants, do I have to pay the application fee twice?
A) Yes. Applicants who wish to apply for both courses must pay the application fee for each course.


Q) Can I be exempted from paying the Admission Fee and/or Tuition Fee?
A) In general, both the Admission Fee and Tuition Fee must be paid. However, exemptions are available in extenuating circumstances and may be granted to a limited number of students who meet the eligibility criteria. Further information on fees can be found here:
You may also contact the Graduate School of Science at
  • Application Fee : 10,000 yen
  • Admission Fee : 282,000 yen (one-time only)
  • Tuition Fee: Master's Program 267,900 yen per 6 months. (¥535,800 yearly)
    Doctoral Program 260,400 yen per 6 months. (¥520,800 yearly)
In case there is an amendment of the fees, new fees may apply from the time of the amendment.
Q) How do I apply for deferred payments of school expenses?
A) You will have to apply at the Student Scholarship and Welfare Group.
Further details can be found here:
Students who wish to apply for both Admission Fee and Tuition deferrals should submit both applications together during the submission period.
Q) Please tell me about scholarships and financial aid.
A) As for the GSGC scholarship, the School of Science at the University of Tokyo will provide 180,000 yen per month while the student is enrolled on the course. This is for two years in the Master's program, and for three years in the Doctoral Program. However you must pass a screening to proceed to the Doctoral Program.
Q) How do I receive the scholarship?
A) The scholarship will be paid automatically to your designated personal bank account. You will have to open a bank account in Japan and provide us the information on the day of Enrollment.
Q) Do I need to apply for Japanese Visa?
A) At the time of admission, you must have a "College Student Visa". For details regarding visa information, please contact the International Liaison Office at
Q) Are there dormitories for GSGC students?
A) Generally, students are expected to find his/her own housing. The University of Tokyo provides apartments which the university has rented as dormitories however, the number of available apartments is limited. A support system is available for those who have difficulty in finding accommodation. Further information regarding accommodation can be found here:
You may also contact the International Liaison Office at


Q) Am I eligible for health insurance during my study in Japan?
A) All International Students are required to join the Japan National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken). Further information can be found here:

Application Period: December 12, 2022 to 3pm, January 10, 2023(J.S.T)

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