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Physics Chair

Shinji Tsuneyuki Professor

The world may look different if you understand the physics of natural phenomena.

Covers almost all the frontier areas of modern physics, including elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology, condensed matter physics, photophysics, plasma physics, biophysics, quantum information, and artificial intelligence.

【Academic features】

Research Fields of the Department of Physics and Nobel Prizes

The Department of Physics is one of the world's leading research centers, covering almost all areas of physics, including elementary particles, atomic nuclei, space, condensed matter, optics, plasma, biophysics, and quantum information and quantum computing.

There are more than 40 professors, associate professors, and lecturers in the Department of Physics, and the graduate school boasts more than 130 faculty members, including those in related research institutes and research centers. The neutrino research that brought Japan two Nobel Prizes was born here. Two recent developments of note have been the launch of research into physics using AI and in turn, research into AI using physics. We are thus constantly opening up new fields of research, and are engaged in cutting-edge research and education in physics, from basic research on the foundations of natural science, such as the origins of matter and the universe, and the fundamental laws and universality of the natural world, to basic research on materials and devices that are useful to industry. We are certain that you will find a research field that interests you.

Education in the Department of Physics

Students in the Department of Physics tackle their studies systematically through a range of fulfilling lectures, exercises, and hands-on experiments. In their third year, students participate in small group seminars, and in their fourth year, they are assigned to laboratories for theoretical exercises and special experiments, ensuring that they can receive one-on-one guidance. To support our students’ endeavors, the Department of Physics has a full complement of teaching, administrative, and technical staff, as well as career advisors. Undergraduate students also have access to spaces where they can interact with each other and discuss their work.



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