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Chemistry Chair

YAMADA Teppei Professor

Exploring molecules, catalyzing innovations, and crafting the future

Challenges to elucidate fundamental mechanisms, create new materials and technologies, and discover new phenomena through the research of atoms and molecules. All lectures are given in English to help students develop an international perspective.

【Academic features】

Discovering the Laws of Nature through Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science is the place for intellectually curious students who want to learn the laws of nature through chemistry, with subjects of interest ranging from the atoms and molecules in the natural world to new substances, reactions, and phenomena.

From the Basics of Chemistry to the Forefront of Research

Students in the Department of Chemistry learn that chemistry is a central science, key to many other fields of scientific inquiry. The Department offers a systematized curriculum of lectures and practical experiments that has been developed over the past 150 years, and through which students will acquire the basic academic skills to continue their study in more specialized fields of chemistry. Another important characteristic of the Department of Chemistry is that we focus on developing leaders who can be active on the global stage. In addition to offering presentations and oral scientific discussions in English delivered by native-speaking instructors, we are the first school in Japan to provide an environment where students can attend all undergraduate lectures in English together with international students.

Spread your Wings to the World

After graduation, most of our students go on to graduate school, where they acquire the ability to identify and solve problems and develop a broad, cross-disciplinary perspective while conducting leading research in a world-class environment. The results of their research in graduate school not only contribute directly to the development and deepening of science itself, but also often lead to innovative practical applications. Students in the Department of Chemistry and the Graduate School of Chemistry go on to lead the development of chemical research and technology in academia and society. Driven by their love of chemistry, the faculty and students of the Department of Chemistry look forward to sharing their excitement with you.



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