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Information Science


Information Science Chair

IGARASHI Takeo Information Science

Explore the principles of computation and intelligence to create the future.

Aims to approach the principles and theoretical background of information processing through education and research in areas such as fundamental theory of computation, programming languages, graphics, vision, computer architecture, machine learning, and bioinformatics.

【Academic features】

Differences from the Information Stream in the Faculty of Engineering

Students often ask about the differences between the Department of Information Science and its counterpart in the Faculty of Engineering. Specifically, the Department of Information Science focuses on information itself, enabling students to systematically study everything from the theory of computers and computation to systems and applications. For example, students in the Department of Information Science conduct experiments in which they design and implement compilers and develop applications for computers, starting with the design of the CPU and hardware. This experience of creating a computer from scratch is unique to this department. Also, while the Faculty of Engineering emphasizes relatively practical applications, the Department of Information Science in the Faculty of Science prioritizes fundamental principles and theories.

Education in the Department of Information Science

The Department of Information Science conducts advanced research in the field of computing, but in its undergraduate curriculum the Department emphasizes the learning of fundamental principles and the theoretical background of computers, the prerequisites for such advanced research, and the development of abstract thinking, as well as the technical skills for creation from scratch. At first glance, studying from the ground up may seem like a circuitous route to the goal, but this basic strength will surely assist you no matter what field you enter after graduation.



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