DATE2021.06.18 #大学院お知らせ#学部お知らせ

【周知】 締切有 令和3年度後期 学費免除・徴収猶予申請について/Application Procedure for 2021, Admission & Tuition Fee Exemption

令和3年度後期 学費免除・徴収猶予申請について/Application Procedure for 2021, Admission&Tuition Fee Exemption

*English version is below. 


  申請方法 : 簡易書留郵便による郵送のみ

          理学系研究科 9月22日(水)から9月28日(火)まで
          理学部 ~8月27日(金)まで



 〒113-8654  東京都文京区本郷7-3-1
 E-mail: syougaku.adm at


1. Application Process 

 【Application period】
     Application documents must be postmarked by the last day of application period and arrive by
     2 business days later. Please note that applications will not be accepted if late.

    - Students entering in October 2021
       (Mon) Aug. 2 ~ The last day of the admissions procedure for their affiliated department or
       graduate school
  Graduate: (Wed) Sept. 22 ~ (Tue) Sept. 28
  Undergraduate: ~(fri) Aug.27
    - Current students (undergraduate/postgraduate students enrolling in the same course as the first
       half of AY2021)
      (Mon) Aug. 2 ~ (Thu) Oct. 7, 2021

【How to get the Application form】
Please download the application forms from the URL below after July 30.                          

【Details for application method / Download application form】

【How to submit】
ONLY postal application is accepted.
We currently do not accept applications at the counter. When applying by post, please send the applications using registered mail “簡易書留郵便”.

2 .Precautions 
*Please understand that we carry out exemptions in a very severe budget. In particular, the possibility of getting admission fee exemption is considerably low. So please prepare the fees in advance. If you do not pay the admission fee by the designated date based on the result, you will lose your student status according to the rules.
*For applicants outside Japan, please ask someone to act as a domestic proxy for the above mailing procedures. In this case, please also enclose a letter of proxy (form is available on our website.)
*Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted whatever the reason. Please prepare the documents well in advance and apply as early as possible.

3. Notification of selection results 

The result of the selection will be released around the middle of January through the UTokyo Academic affairs System (UTAS). If you cannot check the result on UTAS, please contact our team.
*If deferred payment is granted, the payment date will be extended until the end of February.

4. Application of Deferred payment 

Once the application of exemptions is submitted, the payment of the relevant fee will be deferred until the results are determined (the middle of January).
If you need more deferment (until the end of February ), please contact us by email.

Contact Information:
   Scholarship Team of the Student Scholarship and Welfare Group
   Email: syougaku.adm at