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Participants for UTRIP 2015 have been selected

This year we received as many as 534 applications from all over the world. After careful examination of the application materials, we have selected the following 23 applicants as UTRIP students this year.

Application IDs of selected UTRIP 2015 participants:

[Selected for the 1st Crew]
U0110, U0152, U0158, U0186, U0217, U0348, U0355, U0378, U0399, U0405

[Selected for the 2nd Crew]
U0046, U0069, U0086, U0111, U0153, U0181, U0185, U0187, U0242, U0250, U0272, U0415, U0483

(We have already sent notification messages to all of the above students by e-mail.)