UTRIP Online 2021 Spring summary


UTRIP Online 2021 Spring was implemented from April 26 to May 21, 2021 at the Ohkoshi Lab (Chemistry) as a pilot program conducted online.

After careful examination of the application materials from 25 applicants, 3 candidates were selected and participated in the 4-week program from their own home.

After receiving several video lectures, the participants “experienced” virtual hands-on experiments remotely conducted by leading researchers of the Graduate School of Science (GSS) at UTokyo. The participants joined the real-time lab meetings and discussed about the result of each experiment so that they could deepen their understandings about their respective research themes. On the last day of the program, the participants gave oral presentations online as the culmination of their four-week program period and were awarded the certificates of completion from Prof. Ohkoshi.


UTRIP 2021 Research Projects

Written reports of the research work were submitted from participants as a culmination of their hard work.

Project Papers at UTRIP Online 2021

Name of Participant
University (Country)
Department / Major
Project Title Name of Supervisor (Department)
RWTH Aachen (Germany)
Synthesis and characterization of chain-structured Ndlll-Colll complex with temperature dependent luminescence properties
(Report Content Not Disclosed)
Shin-ichi OHKOSHI
Crystal Renee VELLA
La Trobe University (Australia)
Photoluminescence in two structural forms of a Eu-Co complex
(Report Content Not Disclosed)
Shin-ichi OHKOSHI
University of Texas at Austin (USA)
Chemistry BS
Investigation of Reabsorption Property and Characterization of Ndlll- Colll Layered Complex
(Report Content Not Disclosed)
Shin-ichi OHKOSHI

Voices of UTRIP 2021 participants

  • It was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to get a taste of research-life without needing to leave home!
  • I am very glad I got a chance to participate in UTRIP 2021 online! It was a great opportunity to get international research experience and to learn more about solid state chemistry. The online experiments and discussion sessions were very exciting! I learned so much about synthesis, structure, properties, and potential applications of Ln-metal complexes as well as analytical methods in solid state chemistry.
  • I had a wonderful time throughout the UTRIP program and I learned a lot - from the theory behind instrumentation to data analysis. The required reports and final presentation helped solidify my understanding of concepts that we explored. Lastly, the internship had a welcoming environment, making it easy to reach out and ask for help!

Summary of UTRIP Online pilot program at the Ohkoshi Lab (VIDEO)