Overview of the UTRIP 2017 program


UTRIP 2017 was implemented from 9 June to 8 August, 2017. The program consisted of two six-week sessions: The first ran from 9 June through 20 July, and the second from 28 June through 8 August. We set the program schedule with consideration for the different academic calendars of the participants. We received 644 applications from 314 universities in 52 countries. The competition was more severe than ever before. After the application materials had been examined, 20 candidates were selected. Lab placements were made based on matching prior research experiences and areas of interests. The selected students were all highly motivated and were seriously considering the pursuit of higher education in scientific areas.

Generally, many undergraduate students spend hours in the classrooms with little practical experience such as designing a research plan and conducting research in a standalone way, whereas the recent job market requires people with the ability to work with flexibility and diverse points of view. It is also so in scientific research areas. We expected the students to broaden their views and open their eyes to new experiences and become more culturally aware during the program. The underlying policy of the program is shared by associations which provide the school with financial support — Daiwa Securities Group Inc. and Friends of UTokyo, Inc (FUTI).

At the reception hosted by the school, a representative of Daiwa Securities Group Inc. Mr. Morimasa Matsuda, Director and a representative of Friends of UTokyo, Inc. Dr. Shig Matsushita Director and Chairman of Scholarship Committee gave speeches to celebrated the UTRIP students for their successful participation and encouraged them for their future challenges and careers based on their valuable experience they have gained from UTRIP.

To ensure the long-term success of the program, Daiwa Securities Group Inc. sponsored all of our UTRIP participants.

The UTRIP program includes laboratory work mentored by lead researchers and postdoctoral fellows, along with literature reviews, participation in lab meetings, and attendance at research workshops and seminars. At the closing of the program, the participants presented findings from their own scientific research over six weeks. They also wrote up research reports.


Voices of UTRIP 2017 participants:

  • Absolutely life-changing experience.
  • An amazing city in an amazing country - vastly different to anything I've ever experienced: the culture, the food and the hustle and bustle of the world’s biggest city will stay with me my entire life, as will the connections I have made with students from all over the globe, thank you UTRIP.
  • Experiencing Tokyo with students from different parts of the world and getting to do some exciting research in extremely conducive atmospheres; UTRIP offers one of the best ways to spend your summers.
  • UTRIP opened my eyes not only to the realm of research but to a whole new culture and experience.
  • UTRIP is well-supported, enjoyable and rewarding. You will be immersed in a diverse environment with UTRIP fellows and your kind Japanese supporter and professor. Also, Japan is a beautiful place to eat and hang out ;)
  • It is not just an internship rather it is a glimpse of Japan.
  • Had a great experience and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • UTRIP gave me the opportunity to practice research in an excellent university, surrounded by great people from Japan and all over the world in one of the most interesting cities one can find. It wasn't just good, it was life changing.
  • UTRIP was a great introduction to research for me! Tokyo is a bustling city full of sights to see and things to do. It was so fun getting lost on the streets of Tokyo! The professors I met were incredibly welcoming and were always willing to help me with research. Meeting distinguished professors and other interns from all around the world was truly motivating and exciting. My experience as an UTRIP student was an honor that I don't think I will ever forget as long as I live!

Thank you for supporting UTRIP.
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.