Oral Presentation

Figure 1

UTRIP participants orally presented their finding from their scientific research at the end of program as the culmination of their six-week research works. The presentation was attended by all participants, lab mates and mentors. Students demonstrated how they constructed an appropriate hypothesis, conducted experiments to test that hypothesis, and analyzed the findings. Each presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session.

Voices from the participants

  • Giving my presentation was a great way to wrap up my research experience in UTokyo and present it to my peers.
  • I got great feedback from my presentation.
  • It was a new experience for me to give a presentation to attendees who had no common ground in the research. While I reviewed my work from a layman's point of view for the purpose of making the presentation more understandable, I could perceive new things, which added different dimensions to my work.