UTRIP Lectures

Lecturer (Department) Title
Prof. Hiroaki AIHARA
Exploring the Energy Frontier with Lepton Colliders - Contemporary Elementary Particle Physics -
Associate Prof. Yuji TACHIKAWA
What is Superstring Theory?
Prof. Takashi ONAKA
The universe as seen in the infrared observations from space
Prof. Masayuki SATAKE
(Earth & Planetary Science)
The 2011 East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
Prof. Hajime KAYANE
(Earth & Planetary Science)
Response of coral reefs to global warming
Chemical Communication by Small Organic Molecules in Biological and Ecological Systems
Associate Prof. Hayato TSUJI
Plastic films producing light and electricity - Science of organic semiconducting materials -
Prof. Mikiko SIOMI
(Biophysics & Biochemistry)
Mechanisms of small RNA-mediated gene expression regulation
Prof. Hirokazu TSUKAYA
(Biological Sciences)
From Field Expeditions in Tropic Rain Forests to Molecular, Developmental Genetics: Our Plant Science Strategies
Associate Prof. Hisayoshi NOZAKI
(Biological Sciences)
An evolutionary time machine of volvocine green algae, unveiling the origin of female and male