Research Projects 2010

University of Tokyo Research Internship Program Research Projects 2010

Name of Participant
Department / Major
Project Title Supervisor (Department)
Harry Beeson
University of Oxford
The Low Temperature Physics of Thin Films - Superconducting Tin and Monolayer Graphene Prof. Hiroshi FUKUYAMA (Physics)
Ravi Heugle
Boston University
Manufacturing engineering
Detection and Tracking of Cosmic Ray Muons Prof. Hiroaki AIHARA (Physics)
John Kieran Phillips
Univ. of Cambridge
Department of applied mathematics and theoretical physics
Symmetric dominance in chaotic quantum systems Prof. Takaharu OTSUKA (Physics)
Umnouy Ponsukcharoen
University of Chicago
Physics & mathematics
Understanding entanglement: spooky action at a distance Associate Prof. Mio MURAO (Physics)
Janette Suherli
Bandung Institute of Technology
Astronomy Study Program
Near Infrared Observations of Eta Carinae During the Spectroscopic Event in 2009 with Wide Field Cryogenic Telescope 2(WFCT2) Prof. Takashi TADA (Astronomy)
Fermi Albertz
Bandung Institute of Technology
Nuclear and Biophysics Research Group, Faculty Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Propagating Waves in Plasmas: Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) regime Prof. Masahiro HOSHINO (Earth & Planetary Science)
Alfeus Kaban
Bandung Institute of Technology
Department of Geology, Faculty of Earth Science and Technology
Search for gas hydrate in Japan Sea : Cruise report of R/V Yokosuka July 10 - 26 Prof. Ryo MATSUMOTO (Earth & Planetary Science)
Therese Monical
Northwestern Univ.
Integrated Science Program, Earth Science
Sedimentary rhythm detection based on color measurement Prof. Ryuji TADA (Earth & Planetary Science)
Nikhil Prakash
India Institute of Technology, Roorkee
Earth & Planetary Science
Analysis of seismic anisotropy beneath the Japanese islands Prof. Hitoshi KAWAKATSU (Earth & Planetary Science)
Chua Rou Hua
Nanyang Technological Univ.
Chemistry, organic synthesis
New Iron-Catalyzed Sustainable Methodologies for Materials Science and Medical Applications Prof. Eiichi NAKAMURA (Chemistry)
Rachel Cruickshank
Univ. of Oxford
Molecular, cellular biochemistry
Real-time imaging of cyclic GMP in live cells by high sensitive fluorescent indicator Prof. Takeaki OZAWA (Chemistry)
Larry Kwok
Imperial College
Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry
Synthetic Study toward Truncated Norzoanthamine Prof. Kazuo TACHIBANA (Chemistry)
Yukiko Higa
Univ. of California, Berkeley
Chemistry, polymer & materials sciences
A Synthetic Approach to Amphiphlic Metal Complexes for Submicron-sized Functional Aggregates Prof. Mitsuhiko SHIONOYA (Chemistry)
Phua Jia Han Eunice
National Univ. of Singapore
Inorganic Chemistry
Study on synthesis of bicyclo compounds containing group 14 elements Prof. Hiroshi NISHIHARA (Chemistry)
Oliver Tozer
Univ. of Oxford
Physical Chemistry
Calculation of the potential energy curve of ground state H2 Prof. Kaoru YAMANOUCHI (Chemistry)
Feng Ye
Univ. of Birmingham
Material Science and Technology in Metallurgy and Material Department
Ferromagnetic oxide semiconductor toward transparent spintronics Prof. Tetsuya HASEGAWA (Chemistry)
Bo Sun
Univ. of British Columbia
Biology & Computer Science
A Production Mechanism of Necessary Molecules for Learning in C. elegans Prof. Yuichi IINO (Biophysics & Biochemistry)
Yang Yu
Peking Univ.
Department of Probability and Statistics School of Mathematical Sciences
Statistical analysis of Akt-S6 pathway Prof. Shinya KURODA (Biophysics & Biochemistry)
Linda LI
Yale Univ.
Molecular, cellar developmental biology major
Neurobiological analysis of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) systems in the brain of the bichir, Polypterus senegalus Prof. Yoshitaka OKA (Biological Sciences)
Sifat Shahana Yusuf
Univ. of London
The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
A theoretical study of sexual selection and sexual dimorphism Prof. Kenichi AOKI (Biological Sciences)