The first summer internship program of the Graduate School of Science, UTRIP 2010, has started from 24th June 2010. The selected participants came from around the world with high expectation to closely work with the world-renowned professors at the Hongo campus, one of three major campuses of the University of Tokyo.

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Words of the UTRIP 2010 participants at the start of the program:

“Why did you choose UTRIP?”

  • “The UTRIP program is a great way to learn both about Japanese culture and get an experience of postgraduate study in the laboratory. It is also a fantastic way to make new friends - TODAI students/ professors and fellow UTRIP students!”
  • “I wanted a research experience outside of the US and I am interested in applying for a graduate program in Japan. I also wanted to explore different fields in research.”
  • “TODAI has a consistent and global reputation for scientific excellence and I have wanted to learn more about the nature of research and collaboration at TODAI which makes this possible. The UTRIP program, in terms of placement with the faculty of nuclear physics and through original research, is an opportunity for me to begin to understand the effective learning and teaching practices at Tokyo in a fascinating scientific field. I hope to reuse these insights and skills for the benefit of students in the UK and as a key part of my own PhD research.”
  • “To learn something new especially in Astronomy and to work with people from other country in the same interest.”
  • “The UTRIP program offered me a unique opportunity to expose myself to both a new culture, and a new field of physics research n an elite academic environment. In all honesty, I would have been foolish not to apply.”

Note: The University of Tokyo is known as “TODAI” in Japan.