Lectures at UTRIP 2010

The UTRIP participants have attended a series of introductory lectures prepared and given by the professors who conduct groundbreaking researches at the Hongo campus of TODAI. These lectures covered the broad discipline of natural sciences. The following is the list of lecture topics:

Faculty Department Title/ Topics
Prof. Kenichi AOKI Biological Sciences Cultural evolutionary rates and the evolution of innovative ability
Prof. Mitsuhiko SHIONOYA Chemistry A New Trend in Supramolecular Chemistry: Nano- to Submicron-Scale Molecular Self-Assembly toward Control of Array, Space, and Motion
Ass. Prof. Mio MURAO Physics Quantum information: Explore the counterintuitive quantum world and develop innovative ways to communicate and process information.
Prof. Tomoteru FUKUMURA Chemistry Introduction to magnetism and spintronics
Prof. Ryuji TADA Earth&Planetary Science Reconstructing past climate change for our future/ Explaining how past climate change is reconstructed and how relevant the results are for our future
Prof. Kaoru YAMANOUCHI Chemistry Molecules in intense laser fields/ Ultrafast processes of molecules in intense laser fields such as multiple ionization and hydrogen atom migration are introduced.
Prof. Tomohiro MATSUI Physics Graphene, The World of Carbon Flatland / An ultimate flatland, graphene, monatomic sheet of carbon atoms was discovered in 2004 and is attracting a great deal of attention. The fascinating properties of graphene will be introduced in this lecture.
Prof. Hitoshi KAWAKATSU Earth&Planetary Science Visiting research laboratories at the Earthquake Research Institute/ learn about earthquake-related advanced researches conducted at ERI/UT
Prof. Hiroaki AIHARA Physics Introduction to Particle Physics
Prof. Kazuo TACHIBANA Chemistry Chemical communication by small organic molecules in biological systems
Prof. Shinya KURODA Biophysics& Biochemistry Systems biology of cellular signaling
Prof. Takaharu OTSUKA Physics New Faces of Atomic Nuclei: I will talk basic features of atomic nuclei and forces working there, showing some new aspects being clarified by new accelerators over the world and new emerging theoretical concepts.
Prof. Yuichi IINO Biophysics& Biochemistry Behavioral Genetics: an introductory lecture to illustrate how genetics is used for understanding the molecular pathways and neural circuits underlying behavioral plasticity.
Prof. Hiroshi NISHIHARA Chemistry Electron transfer and electronic functions of metal complexes
Prof. Takashi ONAKA Astronomy The Universe as seen in the infrared from space.
Prof. Yoshitaka OKA Biological Sciences Basic Neurobiology
Prof. Takeaki OZAWA Chemistry Glowing Proteins: Revolution in Biotechnology
Prof. Masafumi HIRAHARA Earth&Planetary Science Title: Introduction of Solar-Planetary System
In this lecture, we introduce three topics related to the terrestrial/planetary atmosphere and space plasma regions. The first is the Venus atmosphere, second the plasmasphere, and third the Geospace.
Prof. Yutaka MATSUO Chemistry Chemistry of Fullerene Derivatives and Application to Organic Thin-film Photovoltaic Cells
Prof. Takashi MURAKAMI Earth&Planetary Science Earth's Surface Environments/ Geochemical interactions between lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere