A leading graduate school that further widens science horizons

  • Masahiro Hoshino (Associate Dean, Professor at Department of Earth and Planetary Science)

The Program for Leading Graduate Schools — called the Leading Graduate School — aims to "help outstanding students develop the insight and creativity to become future leaders who will be active globally beyond industry-academic-government boundaries." This program is supported by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), and each adopted program will be sponsored by the Ministry for up to 7 years.

In 2012, within the University, three new proposals (programs) were adopted by the Ministry. The School has been participating in two of them. One is FMSP (Frontiers of Mathematical Sciences and Physics), which was jointly launched by the Graduate Schools of Mathematical Sciences and Science (Physics and Earth and Planetary Science only). The other is MERIT (Materials Education program for the future leaders in Research, Industry, and Technology), which was jointly launched by the three Graduate Schools — Engineering, Frontier Sciences, and Science (Physics and Chemistry only).

Since 2011, the School has been running two programs: ALPS and GPLLI. ALPS (Advanced Leading Graduate Course for Photon Science) is operated by the two Departments of the School (Physics and Chemistry) as well as the Department of Applied Physics of the Graduate School of Engineering. GPLLI (Graduate Program for Leaders in Life Innovation) is run by four graduate schools of the University: Medicine, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Science.

Therefore, a total of 4 programs have been run by the School. We are now, therefore, fully equipped with programs that foster young scientists who will learn the principles and methods of science and resolutely work towards expanding their abilities. The programs focus on the consistent development of human resources from Master's through Doctoral courses to lead students towards becoming global leaders who have:

  • Advanced expertise and solid basic academic skills.
  • Motivation to open up a new scientific/academic field that goes beyond the borders of specialized fields.
  • A flexible mind that enables them to play a key role not only in academia but also in industry and policymaking.

The School has developed and will continue to form a Graduate School worthy of Japan's most prestigious higher education institution, by developing education and research with the concentrated and complete support of faculty members from various Departments/Graduate Schools.