My warmest congratulations to Prof. Nambu on winning the Nobel Prize

  • Masayuki Yamamoto, Dean of the School of Science (Professor, Department of Biophysics & Biochemistry)

Prof. Yoichiro Nambu (Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago and Professor Emeritus at Osaka City University) has been awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics sharing the prize with Prof. Makoto Kobayashi and Prof. Toshihide Masukawa, which was a truly encouraging feat for us all who are engaged in basic research of science. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Prof. Nambu on his winning the Nobel Prize. Above all, Prof. Nambu is a graduate of the School of Science, the University of Tokyo and he delivered us another auspicious occasion after 6 years from the Honorary Professor Emeritus, Dr. Koshiba's receiving the Nobel Prize.

After receiving a B.S. from the University of Tokyo (Department of Physics) in 1942, Prof. Nambu joined the Faculty of Science as a part-time researcher and then a researcher. In 1949, he worked as a research associate at the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science for a short period. After his positions as an associate professor and a professor at Osaka City University, Prof. Nambu left Japan for the U.S. in 1952. Since then, he has been carrying out his U.S.-based research. He has frequently come to visit the School of Science up until now. He has recently impressed us deeply with his intensive courses and voluminous lectures. If Prof. Nambu views the School of Science as the root of his research life, since he completed his PhD at the University of Tokyo in 1952, nothing could give us more pleasure.

With a central focus on ‘The Discovery of Spontaneous Broken Symmetry‘ that is common in various physical phenomena (the origin of particle mass, superconducting phenomena, etc), he has made an impact over wide areas by publishing a number of research achievements flavored with oriental sense of profound imagination. I have heard that several Nobel Prizes have already been born in various fields inspired by Prof. Nambu's research. 40 years have passed since he started the study that brought him a Nobel Prize this time and considering the fact that his achievements have shown a significant leadership in modern physical researches more than ever, we can actually say that the Nobel Prize he won is the genuine Nobel Prize. I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to him from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes for his continued good health and success.