Information for International Researchers


The University of Tokyo provides a diverse array of support for international researchers to help them enjoy a pleasant, rewarding experience while at Todai. Excellent facilities support research and education at Todai, including the University's superb library system, the University Museum and two major hospitals, which are also open to the public and are a point of contact between Todai and the local community. Cutting-edge facilities including supercomputing and other resources are also available to support University research.

1. General Library (Hongo)

The General Library, which serves students and university employees at all campuses, has roughly 1.2 million books and 1,144 seats, The present building was constructed in 1928 with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation (U.S.A.) after the old building was completely destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. A red-carpeted grand stairway, sculpted arches, and other striking accoutrements lend the library a stately atmosphere.

2. University Museum

The University Museum is one of the leading university museums in Japan and is contributing to science and society in the 21st century. By making accessible its various collections, the University Museum is continuing to stimulate academic research. And of course, being a public institution, research is made available to the "wider public," so that society as a whole can benefit.

3. International Center

International Center has offices on Hongo campus, Kashiwa campus, Komaba campus. Each office provides various support services such as consultation services and cultural exchange programs to ensure that international students and foreign researchers can enjoy their lives in Japan. Please feel free to use our services in order to make your campus life and daily life fruitful.

4. University nurseries

The University of Tokyo operates nurseries at the Hongo, Komaba, and Shirokane campuses to help employees balance their academic pursuits and jobs with their family responsibilities. These facilities care for children who are at least six weeks old and not yet of school age (or not yet three years old as of April 1, in the case of Keyaki Day Nursery at the Hongo Campus.)

5. Gotenshita Memorial Arena/Ground

Located at the Hongo campus, the Gotenshita Memorial Arena offers a variety of athletic and recreational facilities, including an outdoor ground (artificial turf), a training room, a heated swimming pool, and a gymnasium. Many students and university employees take part in the arena'a programs in aerobics, Tai-chi, yoga, bouldering, and other forms of exercise.