Information for International Researchers


When your employment contract finishes and you leave Japan, you must take the following procedures.

1. Procedures at the University

When your employment contract finishes and you leave Japan, please return your employee ID card to the General Affairs Office. Those who have enrolled in the MEXT Mutual Society of Health Insurance should undertake the appropriate cancellation procedures at the Employee Compensation Office. Co-op share capital will be returned in full if Co-op cancellation procedures are undertaken. Please go to the Co-op office at the mezzanine floor of the second refectory building with your membership card.

  • Submit a letter of resignation (If you wish to resign before the end of your contract)
  • Return your employee ID card
  • Withdraw from the health/pension insurance plan
  • Confirm receipt of your final salary
  • Withdraw from Co-op membership (if needed)

2. Off-campus procedures

You must also take the following procedures before leaving Japan. Electricity, water/sewer and gas bills: a convenient way is to request that they come to your apartment on the last day to disconnect the services and settle the last bills in cash. Mobile phones can be cancelled on the spot so please go to the retail shop of your mobile phone company. You have to go in person and be sure to bring your Alien Registration card and your phone with you. A landline phone or internet services can be cancelled, but the bill won't come until later so you may have to ask a colleague or friend to help you. You must return your Alien Registration Card at the Immigration departure checkpoint.

  • Check if you have completed payment of resident tax and income tax due
  • Withdraw from the health insurance plan (In case you belong to NHI)
  • Close your bank account
  • Return Alien Registration Card to the immigration officer at the airport
  • Inform the local post office of your moving
  • Cancel your apartment lease
  • Pay your bills

3. Moving out

Remember to inform the real estate agency one month in advance. Without any notification, you might be charged one month's rent.

A couple of days before you leave, the real estate agency will come and check the apartment and point out to you what they think needs to be done in regards to cleaning and repairs and give you an estimate of how much of your deposit will be returned to you (or in extreme cases, how much more they think you should pay). We recommend that you take a Japanese speaking friend or coworker with you to fully understand all the important details to avoid unnecessary trouble.

4. Shipping

When you have decided what to send you basically have three options: take it with you as excess luggage on the plane, send it by post, or use shipping companies. Which is most economical depends on the size and weight and also the contents, as well as where you are going. Taking it with you on the plane may be the best way sometimes. The airlines have information about excess luggage fees on their web pages; please have a look. Using the post office, surface mail is the cheapest but will take longer to arrive. The maximum weight is 30kg but some countries only accept 20kg parcels, so be sure to check before packing. There is also a limit on the size of the parcel. Please have a look at the Japan Post Service web page for details. Also notice the cheaper option for books and printed matter. Such parcels are checked at the post office so don't seal them beforehand.

5. Garbage disposal

Contact the City/Ward office to arrange the disposal of large-scale garbage such as household furniture, bicycles etc., at their earliest convenience. By law, air-conditioners, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, and computers cannot be disposed of as large-scale garbage. Contact ether the shop where the appliance was purchased, electronic recovery stores, or the manufacturer to arrange for disposal. In all cases, a disposal fee will be charged.

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