Information for International Researchers


Expectant mothers who have completed alien registration can receive periodic health checkups, and those who have joined a health insurance program can receive a lump-sum birth allowance. Contact the office in the ward where you reside for details.

1. Maternity/Childcare leave

Expectant female employees can take 6 weeks (14 weeks for twins or more) of maternity leave before childbirth and 8 weeks after giving birth. Childcare leave allows an employee, either male or female, to take off up to three years to look after an infant under three years of age.

2. Pregnancy report

Once you learn about your pregnancy, report it to the municipal office in the ward where you reside as soon as possible and receive a Mother and Child Health Handbook (boshi kenko techo) along with a mother-child health information package. The package includes forms for prenatal checkups, a birth notification form, and information about available prenatal classes.

3. Prenatal checkups

Receiving prenatal checkups on a regular basis during your pregnancy is important. Part of the fees for the checkups may be covered by the local government. Forms for prenatal checkups are included in the mother-child health package you received when you submitted your pregnancy report to the municipal office.

4. When children are born

Birth notice

The notification of birth of your baby must be submitted to the municipal office in the ward where you reside within 14 days including the date of the child's birth. The notification is mandatory regardless of the nationality of the baby's parents. The birth notification (shussei todoke) form must be submitted to the municipal office of either the birthplace, your legal domicile, or your present address. Then you will be issued a document certifying that you filed the birth notice (shussei todoke juri shoumeisho.)

Birth report to public health center

In addition to the notification of birth to the municipal office, notify your local public health center of the birth of your baby. The form for the birth report is enclosed in the mother-child information package you will receive when you submit your pregnancy report to the office. After receiving the report, the health center will send you the necessary health information about a home-visit consultation for a newborn baby, infant/toddler health checkups, required vaccinations, etc.

Application for status of residence/period of stay

Visit the Immigration Bureau within 30 days of birth to carry out this procedure for your child.

Alien registration

Register the child as a foreign resident at your municipal office within 60 days of birth. The shussei todoke juri shoumeisho will be needed for this procedure.

Birth registration in your home country

Contact the Embassy or consulate as soon as possible.

  • Certificate filled out and signed by the doctor
  • Boshi kenko techo
  • Personal seal

5. Financial aid/assistance

Lump-sum birth allowance

When persons enrolled in National Health Insurance give birth, the householder will receive an allowance of 420,000 yen. Apply at the Municipal Office with the required documents. When members of the MEXT Mutual Society of Health Insurance (including dependents) have a baby, the member will receive an allowance of 390,000 yen. Members should contact the Employee Compensation Office about required documents.

Financial Assistance for childbirth

Financial assistance is available for those who cannot afford hospitalization for childbirth. For more details about the services, please contact the Public Assistance Section in the ward office directly.

Child medical fee subsidy

Each municipality has a system that aids the medical costs of outpatient and inpatient infants and toddlers covered by health insurance until they reach the end of the 3rd year of Junior-high school. Those who wish to join this system must complete an application at the municipal office.

6. University nursery

Todai Keyaki Day Nursery is located on the Hongo Campus for children aged between six weeks and three years. One person in a couple must be associated with the University (faculty, staff, and students) and the other person must be a full-time worker, a student in the University or elsewhere, or even someone who is unemployed in order for their children to be admitted to the daycare nursery. Persons who are not directly employed by the University (joint researchers, part-time instructors, etc.) can apply for occasional daycare service.

Contact information

Todai Hongo
Keyaki Day Nursery
Age 6weeks-under 3 year-old Day Nursery Section, Employment Environment Group, Personnel
Hour weekdays 7:30-21:00
Saturday 8:30-19:00
Todai Shirokane
Himawari Day Nursery
Age 6weeks-under 6 year-old Day Nursery Section, The Institute of Medical Science
Hour weekdays 7:30-21:00
Saturday 8:30-19:00
Todai Komaba
Mukunoki Day Nursery
Age 6weeks-under 6 year-old Komaba Mukunoki Day Nursery Section,
Hour weekdays 7:30-21:00
Saturday 8:30-19:00
Todai Kashiwa
Donguri Day Nursery
Age 6weeks-under 6 year-old Day Nursery Section, Kashiwa Administration Department
Hour weekdays 7:30-21:00
Saturday 8:30-19:00