Information for International Researchers


The University of Tokyo's Information Technology Center operates the Educational Campuswide Computing System (ECCS) as a basic environment for accessing information relating to education and research, for the benefit of the University's researchers and faculty members. They provide a mobile user connection environment (cable or wireless) that users can use to connect portable devices such as notebook PCs.

1. Obtaining an ECCS account

All University faculty members can create an account to use the ECCS. Those who wishing to start using the ECCS should download the application form from the website at right and submit it to the IT center. You can get an account in about 5 to 7 business days after you apply. For more details about ECCS, please contact the IT center directly by email ( ) or download the Handbook from the website.

Database Training Courses

The Database Training Course is a very popular hands-on computer workshop that provides an easy-to follow introduction on how to search online catalogs and databases for information needed for academic work, such as writing theses and reports. The course is free of charge and can be taken by any University of Tokyo member. So be sure to take advantage of this service. For details of this program, please see the website.

2. Internet

You can access the Internet from your office, home, or an Internet cafe. Mobile Internet service is also available. Broadband connections via high-speed and large-capacity Internet services such as FTTH (Fiber To The Home), ADSL, CATV and FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) have become widely available in Japan, taking the place of traditional dialup/ISDN connections. There is a large number of Internet service providers (ISPs) in Japan, and their services and charges vary. Since different carriers offer their own features for such services as broadband and IP phone combinations, you should find out about the different plans offered by each provider and choose the one that best meets your needs. The main Internet providers in Japan are as follows:

ISPs in Japan
Yahoo BB 0120-33-4546
OCN 0120-506-506
So-net 0120-117-268

3. Installing a fixed-line telephone

If you wish to install a new fixed-line telephone line at your home, call NTT (0120-364-463 toll free) or go to an NTT service counter to apply for telephone service. Valid identification to prove your current address (your passport, alien registration card, driver's license, etc.) is required for the application. Telephone installation will be provided only after full payment of subscription fees etc. has been received. You may choose from different phone services, such as IP phone and hikari (fiber-optic) phone, depending on the availability in your area. Services are also be provided by telephone companies other than NTT. To learn about available phone services, call each phone company for details.

Telephone line installation service

4. International telephone calls

You may make international calls directly from your home phone, mobile phone or a public pay phone. The rate system, calling process, and countries/regions you can call are different for each international telephone service you may use. KDDI is the most widely used company for international calls. Alternative companies include SoftBank Telecom, NTT Communications and others. Also Skype can be used through your PC. The prefix codes and contact numbers for these companies are as follows:

Prefix numbers
KDDI 001 0057
SoftBank Telecom 0061 0120-03-0061
NTT Communications 0033 0120-506506
  • How to make an overseas call
    • Telephone Company Prefix+010+Country Code+Area Code (without first 0)+Telephone number in the corect order.

5. Mobile phones

Mobile phone services are available in most areas of Japan. In addition to the basic telephone functions, they offer a variety of other services including sending and receiving e-mail, accessing the Internet, making international calls, or using a computer to access the Internet over a wireless network. Since the details of these services, the sign-up charges and the monthly usage fees vary from company to company, you will need to choose the plan that best serves your needs. You will need to have your passport and Alien Registration Card with you when you sign a mobile phone contract.

Main mobile phone companies
NTT docomo 0120-005-250
SoftBank 0088-21-2000
KDDI(au) 0077-7-111
Willcom 0120-921-156