Center of Excellence Programs

The Program was launched by MEXT to provide funding support for the establishment of education and research centers that perform at the apex of global excellence and to elevate the international competitiveness of Japanese universities. The program will strengthen and enhance the education and research functions of graduate schools and foster highly creative young researchers who will go on to become world leaders in their respective fields through experiencing and practicing research of the highest possible standards.

Global Center of Excellence for Physical Frontier Sciences

In this program, the Department of Applied Physics and the Department of Physics are taking the lead in research activities among five departments in three graduate schools (the Departments of Astronomy and Physics in the School of Science, the Departments of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering in the School of Engineering, and the Department of Advanced Materials Science in the School of Frontier Science).

This program aims at developing training courses to:
  • Deepen and expand young scientists’ knowledge of physics as a fundamental science for their future research,
  • Develop physicists to become leaders of the global society, and
  • Develop reformers of industries and creators of innovations.
Integrative Life Science Based on the Study of Biosignaling Mechanisms

With “biosignaling” as a key word, this program aims to develop a new “integrative life science” through close collaborative research between the Graduate School of Medicine and the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Bioscience. Its objective is to foster international leaders of the next generation by providing the graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the program with scientific and financial support.

Chemistry Innovation Through Cooperation of Science and Engineering

This program is a collaborative effort by the Department of Chemistry in the School of Science and the three Departments of Applied Chemistry in the School of Engineering. The program aims to establish an internationally recognized education and research center in the field of chemistry at the University of Tokyo. The main goal is to nurture a new generation of chemists with a broad interest in science and engineering as well as highly-informed scientists with a balanced view of the natural sciences.