Sep 11, 2018

A subway map for diabetes: Insulin tracked through cell using new method combining database, experimental results

Overview of the press release

High or low concentrations of insulin activate different cell signaling pathways, according to a new scientific method that combines data from multiple databases and large-scale lab experiments. This ongoing research project may help unveil better approaches to understand the causes of and potential therapies for type 2 diabetes.

Scientists already have methods to understand all the genes (genomics), proteins (proteomics), or metabolites (metabolomics) within a cell, but not all of these different types of molecules at the same time. University of Tokyo researchers are pioneering the new trans-omics approach that combines all of these previously individual fields – the different "omics" – to understand the interactions between molecules inside cells in a comprehensive, highly detailed way.

Figure: Research diagram of the insulin cell-signaling pathway in mice


The finding was published in iScience on September 10, 2018.


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