Press Releases
Dec. 22, 2009

Rapid and Sensitive Measurement of Water Vapor Permeation through Soft Materials

— New Apparatus to Evaluate Gas Barrier Properties for Flexible Organic Electronics —
  • Toshihiro Shimada (associate professor, Department of Chemistry)
  • Yoshikazu Takahashi (TI Corporation(*1))
  • Tamio Akada, Toshiyuki Kanno (MORESCO Corporation(*2))


Figure 1

Fig. : Operation principle of gas barrier evaluation apparatus developed in the present study.

We developed a novel apparatus for the measurement of the gas barrier properties of soft materials. The measurement principle is based on the use of a low temperature trap to transfer the permeated vapor from the sample space under atmospheric pressure to the mass spectrometer situated in an ultrahigh vacuum. Since the water vapor pressure is measured in ultrahigh vacuum without the carrier gas, the sensitivity, dynamic range and lead time for the measurement can be significantly improved from those previously reported that evaluate the water vapor concentration in atmospheric pressure. It was revealed that the diffusion time in a polymer film must be considered in the measurement of high barrier films. With increasing industrial needs for the gas barrier materials, the apparatuses based on this principle can be widely used to evaluate flexible films and sealing resins especially in organic electronics.

TI Corporation is a venture company focusing on instrumentation for organic devices, such as roll-to-roll organic electroluminescence device factories, and surface hydrophilication machines for microfluidic devices.
MORESCO Corporation is a chemical company that develops and produces specialty chemicals such as synthetic lubricants and hot-melt glues.


Applied Physics Express, in press, "Highly sensitive and rapid measurement of gas barrier properties of flexible films and sealing resins based on low temperature trap and mass spectrometer" by T. Shimada, Y. Takahashi and T. Kanno.