Necessary Procedures for Current Students

Procedures when you enter the University

  1. Alien Registration
    • Register at the city/ward office of your place of residence
    • Foreigners who stay in Japan are required by law to register at a city/ward office within 90 days of arriving in Japan
    • Necessary Documents: Application form(available at a city/ward office), two recent photos(4.5cm×3.5cm), passport
    • You have to carry your alien registration card with you at all times
  2. National Health Insurance
    • You can apply at a city/ward office of your place of residence.
    • With this insurance, you have 70% discount when you are treated at a hospital. You must apply for this insurance if your stay in Japan exceeds one year.
    • Insurance fee:usually, less than 15,000 yen per year for persons with no income. (Students with a scholarship are classed as having “no income” and can receive the discount as mentioned above )
  3. Personal Data
    • Students are required to submit the filled out personal data sheet to the International Liaison Office at the orientation. Personal Data Form
  4. Procedures after entering the University

    1. Application for Temporary Leave

      When international students wish to leave Japan for a short time, they must apply for temporary leave at the ILO and get a re-entry permit at the Immigration Bureau. The required forms must have the signatures and stamps of approval of the student's supervisory professor and the Head of the relevant Department before being submitted to the ILO. Application for Temporary Leave

    2. Change in Address, Email & Phone #

      When there are any changes in address, email and/or phone number, students are required to report to the ILO by submitting the filled out form. Application for Change

    3. Report of Visa Extension & Part time working permit

      Students are required to submit a copy of extended “College Student” visa and Part time working permit to the ILO. You can either bring a passport to the ILO or send a page of your visa as well as working permit by PDF together with page of your passport that shows your photo.

    4. Certification

      Each certification is dealt with in the following office.

    Certificate Student Status Office in charge
    Enrollment Regular & Research Students Graduate School Office
    Transcript Regular Students
    Certificate (of Master's & Doctoral Degree) Regular Students
    Student ID Card (Gakusei-sho), (Kenkyusei-sho) Regular Students
    Research Students ILO
    Student Commuting Certificate (except for Hongo Campus) Regular Students Student Affairs Office
    Student Travel Discount Certificate Regular Students
    Certificate (of Monbukagakusho Scholarship Student) Monbukagakusho Scholarship Student International Students and Researchers Support Group
    Certificate of Gakushu Shoreihi Recipients of Gakushu Shoreihi ILO

    Master or Doctor course students get the Japanese certification for enrollment, student travel discount and the Master course at the automatic machine which is located in front of the Graduate Academic Affairs.

    It takes two days for Japanese certification and one week for English certification.